When ya gotta go!

I took Eric to one of his favorite places today that’s about an hour away.   About 10 minutes after I got on the road I realized I was never going to make it all the way there without stopping for a bathroom break (too much water after my morning workout!).  I immediately started stressing out about where to stop.

I couldn’t leave him in the car, despite him saying “Eric wait car,” but I really am starting to dread when I’m out by myself with him and I have to go…. (I’m almost to the point where in some places I would feel comfortable sending him into the men’s room if he had to go….but I would never have him wait outside a ladies room for me.)

So I started thinking…..Where would it be empty enough that I wouldn’t have to wait for a bathroom, but busy enough that I wouldn’t be noticed bringing my 11 year old son into the ladies room with me?

I felt sad that something so simple was causing me to stress out (and even consider pulling on the side of the road and running into the woods as a better option!)

Family restrooms are starting to pop up in places – but still so very rare…. Why do we need separate men’s & women’s rest rooms anyway?  We all share one at our homes; so can’t we just have a big bathroom that has totally closed up little bathroom closets (like in Europe – where there are actually full size doors in public bathrooms)…. then Dad’s traveling with their special girls and Mom’s traveling with their special boys won’t have to stress out about something so basic.

—-Mrs. Bacon

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