Mom’s chopped liver!

Does anyone else have this same dynamic in their family? I could be home alone with Eric all day (or all week) and he pretty much does his own thing. He interacts with me – asks me for food or other things he wants, and plays on the computer or hover-board, etc.
But whenever Mr. B is home too a few things happen:
–I become invisible
I could be standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and my son will go screaming his head off yelling to Daddy upstairs to come make him lunch.
–Eric becomes much more emotional and impatient
Eric can become so impatient and annoying and generally drive daddy crazy (and everyone else in the house too if we are here).
I can’t figure it out….
If I wake up early to let Mr. B. sleep, I have to basically play “goalie” outside our bedroom doors to make sure Eric doesn’t go in and wake him up. But if it’s my day to sleep in – Eric could care less about finding me.
I have to literally drag Eric out of the house to give Mr. B some space – and let Eric “cool down” and try to work through an impending meltdown sometimes (like today!). We had a nice little rainy trek through our neighborhood. I even made him do some extra heavy work – by climbing up a little hill we have in the area…. And he snaps out of it once we are outside….
Right now I’m watching Eric go from window to window looking for his car to come down the street, and every 5 minutes he opens the door to the garage checking to see if he pulled in yet…..
Eric watching for Daddy’s car out the window
I feel like chopped liver every now and again; and then on the other hand I feel a little grateful that I have room to breathe and do my own thing when we are both home- since my husband isn’t always so lucky!!
–Mrs. B

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