Acknowledge the Hard, but Remember the Good

It’s always the DAY BEFORE the full moon. I didn’t even need to look at the calendar this morning to know that there was going to be a full moon tonight.
Last night Eric’s body was taken over by someone or some thing. When it happens it’s always the same. It’s so weird. And scary. And frustrating.
It started I think because he is sad that Sesame Place is closing now for several months (have you seen our cover photo? yep…. the kid lives and breathes for this place)… So last night around his 1st bedtime (yes he has several), he started melting down… and I’m ok with sad. I’m ok with him being sad that he can’t go to his favorite place on the planet for several months. I get it. But I’m not OK with the aggression that comes with angry. (Heck I’m ok with angry… just go punch the pillows on your bed or something). It’s so h
ard to try to reason with him, or get him talking in a way to calm down.
Mr. B and I were actually both relatively calm during this one. We try to ignore the behaviors as best as we c


an since we know that just adds fuel to his fires. But he was wanting the attention. Throwing things, banging on furniture, slamming doors and also trying to pull my hair and bite.
The part that is chilling, is he is looking you deep into the eyes — for someone who they say eye contact can be difficult – – there is no problems doing it when he is angry. Which actually goes back to my earlier point – it’s like something takes over his body. I am talking to him the whole time saying “you don’t want to do this –you’re gonna lose (insert toy or hover board etc)” and it’s like he is a stranger. Looking back at me with an expression that I can’t even describe.
And then he just couldn’t settle down to sleep… I laid in bed with him for an hour and he finally (after the 4th or 5th or 6th bed time) fell asleep. [although I didn’t realize in the middle of the night he must have been awake through the night too because Mr. B just stumbled back into bed this morning and I shut the door to let him sleep a little bit].
Yesterday, I was actually being a bit nostalgic and remembering all of the great things that he accomplished this year – and was planning to highlight those on here — and then his meltdown put a damper on my optimistic and positive mood. Funny how that happens…..
But I promise to end the year on a high note and tell you later on about all the great things he accomplished. I can’t let a handful of meltdowns throughout the year overshadow so many great things!

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