The Bacon Family “favorite things”

Here is a listing of the items we could not live without in our house!

1.The hoverboard….of course – he has had it 2 years and it’s currently being held together by packing tape since he has crashed into the walls several times on it… I wish it came with an odometer – he definitely has ridden the equivalent of a coast to coast trip on it!!

2.  The iPad….. bedtime routines have gotten so much better since we started showing him how to bring it to bed and watch videos.  Of course, he has a very eclectic search history consisting of:  dental surgery videos, googling about sore throats, Paz the penguin, and Sesame Place characters.

3.  The computer….  his desk is considered “command central”…. he will watch movies, search You Tube, Google images of favorite toys, and stalk pictures of favorite characters.  If we are home, pretty much there is always sound coming out of that computer

4.  The internet…. seriously this should be #1.  Without it – basically the iPad, tv, and computer don’t work. 

5.  This medicine syringe….  I swear it’s the greatest invention ever.   Big enough for mixing supplements into juice, and when you drop pills in and twist, it crushes them too.

6. The Digging-est Dog book.   We read it every. single. night. at bedtime.   This is probably the 4th copy we have had (factoid: it was Mrs. B’s favorite book growing up too —I love that he loves it just as much as I did).


7. Bleach, wet wipes and paper towel…. yeah, no explanation needed.

8. Balls…. If Eric is awake, there is usually some type of ball in his hand, and most often he is riding the hoverboard while dribbling a ball.

9.  D-Lactate Free Probiotic Powder by Custom Probiotics  No this is not a paid endorsement…and I am not giving medical advice…. but seriously this probiotic has done wonderful things for Eric.  It’s expensive but worth every penny in my opinion. 

10.  Bacon and Juice Boxes……  of course!  If you ever drop by our house, it will ALWAYS smell like bacon was just cooked — because it probably was.  🙂

So, unfortunately, I don’t have Oprah’s money and cannot offer all our readers each of these items to take home with them…. but wanted to share the items that make our home happy!

What items are ‘must-haves’ in your house??

—Mrs. B.

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