What if I was in a car accident?

Today while driving Eric to an appointment, a car in the next lane swerved and came very close to hitting us. We were OK and in that moment, not in real danger, but it still sent shivers down my spine.

One of the things I worry about is getting into a car accident while driving by myself with Eric.   What if I become unresponsive? What would Eric do?  Would he stay in the car?  Would he try to get out and walk into traffic?  Honestly, I try NOT to think about all the “what if’s”…..

But it reminded me to check and make sure all of my emergency information is properly updated in my phone as well as stored near my insurance and registration card in my glove box.

I had asked my “police officer husband”, Mr. Bacon, what kind of information I should have available and also asked what police would typically do in that situation.  He reassured me that they will most likely look in glove box, or look in your phone for an emergency contact person.

So, take a few minutes today to make sure you have your information updated and available too!

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Here are a few pictures of what I have in my car and phone profile – it’s nothing extravagant or detailed. I’m sure there are fancy templates you could print out to keep in your car – but no matter how much or how little information you choose to include – just make sure you include SOMETHING along with at least one emergency contact person and phone number (and preferably more than one!)


This is the information I keep in my glove compartment in the car. I know most schools now-a-days give out these “ID” cards along with school pictures, so I try to keep a current one so it has a somewhat recent picture.



For iphone users, on the lock screen, tap the “Emergency” button.



For iphone users, after you select “Emergency”, on next screen select “Medical ID”



For iphone users, once on the “Medical ID” screen, you can write as much or as little as you would like. I chose to include his Birthdate, rather than an age – -since it’s not something I remember to update regularly. And you can include multiple emergency contact phone numbers.


I hope you find this little reminder helpful!  And I will hope and pray that none of us will ever be in a position to need it.  But it can’t hurt to be prepared just in case!!!


–Mrs. B



2 thoughts on “What if I was in a car accident?”

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    Anna on September 28, 2017 Reply

    Some state have programs through Dept of Transportation. Here’s a link to the one in TN.


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    Aileen Green on September 28, 2017 Reply

    Thank you, this is a fear of mine too. I called the 911 system several years ago and notified them that my son is non verbal and what room is his. But I never knew what to do about my car.

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