Toys that Started it All!

13528433_10208029757894306_6065006056250972049_oAs I step on toys throughout the house today, I was reminded of this picture. This is a picture of our daughter Anna when she was just about 3 years old. We had bought that set of figurines. The first 3 “guys” that came onto the scene in our house. I distinctly remember kermit the frog was the 4th……

And now……. I’m not sure I have a wide enough camera lens to take a picture of all the character figurines we have. We have hundreds boxedaway in shed and attic too. It started as a cute little way to pretend play with our daughter, and exploded into an enormous collection and obsession by our son.

Can you remember when your child’s “interest/obsession” started? And what kicked off the journey for you? I always love to hear about the interests other families have; it usually includes everything from cereal boxes to vacuums and everything in between!

–mrs. b

(ps: I was looking through some old videos and pictures over lunch today and found some classic gems. I may have to take you for a trip down memory lane with me in the coming weeks!)

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