The Bus

A few years ago, Eric had a bad experience on the bus. The driver was not very “autism friendly” – let’s just leave it at that. So we started driving him back and forth! This summer we thought we’d try the bus again – and see how it went.

Every morning we play catch in the driveway for about 10 minutes before the bus comes for school.

The second he sees the bus at the top of the street, he gives out a little excited gasp, runs and hands me the ball, grabs his backpack, and waits at the end of the driveway for it to pull up.

I casually commented to the driver today, “He gets so excited when he sees the bus coming” and without a beat the driver replied “he has a little girlfriend” and gave me a cute little grin 🙂

…….well all right….way to go buddy…. and here I thought he was excited for the bus ride….or for school! (naive mommy) —-mrs bIMG_1405

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